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An Open Letter to All Law Enforcement Officers in New York State

The OATH KEEPERS are prepared to stand shoulder to shoulder with all law enforcement officers in the State of New York who are prepared to honor their individual oaths to the New York and U.S. Constitutions in defense of Liberty and to protect all New Yorkers’ unalienable right of self-defense for themselves and their families.


Changing of the Guard

The New York State chapter of Oath Keepers is undergoing a transition of leadership as former chapter President, Glen Maine, hands over the reins to Acting President Bill Cooper.

Pushing Albany

This past Tuesday Oath Keepers joined other patriots from across the state of New York up in Albany to protest the anti-second amendment S.A.F.E Act passed by the state legislature last month.

Southampton 4th of July Parade, 2012

Suffolk County 9/12 Project Wins Mayor’s Trophy at the Southampton 4th of July Parade

Courtesy:! July 4 2012. The Suffolk County 9-12 Project, marched in Southampton, NY to the delight of 30,000 spectators with a Constitutional theme, by carrying parchment like banners of the Bill of Rights and quotes from our founding fathers! The original theme, won SC-9-12 the top patriotic honor, “The Mayor’s Trophy”! Over 100 tea […]