When former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani said, “I do not believe, and I know this is a horrible thing to say, but I do not believe that that President Obama loves America. He doesn’t love you. And he doesn’t love me. He wasn’t brought up the way you were brought up and I was brought up through love of this country.” It took a lot of guts for Rudy to say it, because almost immediately he was attacked by Democrats, the national liberal media and even a few “deflated” Republicans. The attack on Giuliani was almost instantaneous. Anyone who even hinted that they might support Giuliani or had doubts about Mr. Obama’s love for America had to be attacked as mean spirited, cruel, unpatriotic and if those words didn’t work, they had to be called racists. 

It was not that Rudy Giuliani wasn’t telling the truth because he was. It was because it was politically incorrect to say such a thing about a sitting president, even though Barack Obama pretty much said the same thing about President George W. Bush while Bush was still the president and Obama was a U.S. Senator. Although I agree with Mr. Giuliani that Barack Obama does not love America, I will go a step further and say it is more serious than our current president not loving this country.

If you remember, before and right after Barack Obama was elected President, he said that he was going to fundamentally transform or change America. If he did really love America, why is he trying so hard to fundamentally change it into a socialist country where the federal government has absolute power over the people? The answer is simple. He wants to change it, not because he loves America, but because he doesn’t even like it. As you shall see in the information outlined later in this article, Barack Obama, from a young age, was indoctrinated by American-hating communists and Marxists into believing that America is an evil capitalist country that must be brought to its knees and punished for being an Anglo-Imperialist country that became rich on the backs of the people of third world countries.

Barack Obama’s life is a true mystery. We probably will not know whether or not Barack Obama was born in Hawaii until he leaves office. What we do know, however, is that forensic investigators, using scientific techniques, have proven that the birth certificate produced by Mr. Obama is, in fact, a clear forgery and a layered document, meaning that it was a ‘cut and paste’ document. Most Americans also don’t know that both Barack Obama and Michelle Obama turned in their law licenses in Illinois for cause. Why will they both not let us look at why their licenses were surrendered?

Looking into Barack Obama’s personal history is very difficult because Mr. Obama has pretty much sealed all his life’s records. Why is everything about Mr. Obama’s background sealed? What is he hiding? He has spent millions of dollars to keep his high school records, his college records, his Illinois attorney’s license records, his passport and just about every other personal history document from public view when every other president before him has released these records. Ever wonder why no one has stepped up to talk about the great memories they have of hanging out with Barack Obama in high school or college. It is important to note that Mr. Obama did not grow up in America like most of us. A good part of his early childhood was spent in the Muslim country of Indonesia, where he attended a school where he was listed as an Indonesian citizen.

Putting all of that aside, let’s take a quick look at what we do know about Barack Obama’s family and social history and how these relationships affected his current view of America. We know that the person listed on Barack Obama’s forged birth certificate, was a man named Barack Hussein Obama Sr. Research shows us that Obama Sr. was an African communist activist, who was also a Muslim and an anti-colonialist who hated the white, former colonial powers of Western Europe, with America added on for supposedly also oppressing the black peoples of the world and exploiting their labor and resources. Such hatred for America didn’t stop Obama’s father, however, from coming to America and getting an almost free education courtesy of the American taxpayers and then marrying a white American socialist while he was still married to a woman back in Kenya.

We also know that in 1959, the U.S. government had been warned by the British government not to give student visas to the senior Obama and other radical Kenyan students as they had been identified as radicals with an “anti-American and anti-white” political agenda. Could it be that Barack Obama’s economic and foreign policies were influenced to a great degree by his father’s anti-white and anti-American agenda?

By his actions as president, it appears that President Barack Obama’s ultimate goals are similar to his father’s and are designed to destroy America as a superpower in order to pay for past wrongs by American capitalists exploiting people in the third world, whether real or imagined. Clearly showing some early warning signs of the communist influence of his early childhood, he actually went to Kenya in 2006 to campaign for Mr. Raila Odinga, who was running for prime minister as a Marxist. Obama did this when he was a sitting U.S. Senator.

When Barack Obama took office in January of 2009, one of his first official acts was to insult the British people by returning a bust of Winston Churchill to the UK that had been previously given to the American people as a gift to the Oval Office. Unfortunately for the British people and their government, Churchill happened to be prime minister when Britain still ruled Kenya and allegedly mistreated black Kenyans, including Obama’s grandfather. So Obama shipped it off to the former colonial power to make his point that he did not particularly care for the British history with the African people.

It’s plain from Obama’s own writings that he worshiped his father even though he really did not know him because Barack Obama Sr. abandoned him and his mother rather quickly. Obama devoted a good part of his book “Dreams” to covering his father’s life when Kenya was still a British colony and clearly wanted to make the point that any “neo-colonial wealth” obtained from Kenya and other African countries should be “redistributed to the people.” His views on ‘redistribution of wealth’ have clearly made its way into Obama’s economic policies in America.

Let’s take a quick look at the people who had great influence on the development of his political views. Frank Marshall Davis, a well-known Communist Party leader, who had been investigated by the FBI, was a close family friend. When he was a teenager, Obama was mentored by Davis who brainwashed the young Barack into hating America while romanticizing about the glory of the communist regimes of the USSR and Cuba. Davis actually identified Winston Churchill as a prime example of a leader of white, Anglo-American “imperialism.” That’s why Winston Churchill’s bust had to be given back to the British by America’s first Black president.

Then there is the notorious Rev. Jeremiah Wright, who said America’s “chickens had come home to roost” after America was attacked on 9-11. It was the Reverend Wright who introduced Obama to “Black Liberation Theology” which looks at all white people as oppressors. Remember that Barack Obama spent almost 20 years listening to this anti-white, Black racist passing himself off as a religious man. Wright has called for divestment of U.S. investment in Israel, which he accused of having “illegally occupied Palestinian territories” for decades. Hence, Obama’s apparent dislike of America’s long time ally, Israel and its leaders.

His step-father in his mother’s second marriage was a Muslim man named LoLo Soetoro who lawfully adopted Barack Obama and changed his name to Barry Soetoro, as Obama became an official Indonesian citizen. When Obama applied for scholarships to Columbia University, it is believed he used his Indonesian citizenship to gain scholarships as a foreign student. If Obama passed himself off as an Indonesian to get a scholarship then he committed fraud. If he was truly an Indonesian citizen, then he might not be eligible for the presidency. In any case, we’ll have to wait to Obama leaves office to verify this information.

Obama was very good friends with former convicted Weather Underground terrorists Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn. They actually hosted his first fundraiser in their home when Obama ran for State Senate in Illinois. If you love America, how can you possibly associate with convicted and unrepentant terrorists?

Then there is Professor Derrick Bell, the late Black Harvard law professor, who taught Obama “Critical Race Theory” and “Post-Colonial Theory,” both of which argue that white-controlled, western imperialism is the highest stage of capitalism. Because America had achieved a great deal of success using the Capitalist model, Obama was taught that the success of the American capitalist system had to have been made on the backs of minorities, because of white racism. Critical Race Theory maintains that society is divided along racial lines into (white) oppressors and (black) victims. Critical Race Theory contends that America is permanently racist to its core, and that consequently its legal structures are, by definition, racist and invalid.

The primary premise of Critical Race Theory is that the members of “oppressed” racial groups (Blacks, Latinos and other minorities) are entitled to determine for themselves which laws and traditions have merit and are worth observing and which do not. Does the fact that Barack Obama has determined what laws he will obey and what laws he will not, including the U.S. Constitution, have anything to do with what he learned from Professor Bell? He has issued numerous Executive orders dismantling laws that he feels should be changed to fit into his political agenda of social justice and Critical Race Theory. By the way, this theory is currently being taught in high schools and colleges across America and is sometimes referred to as courses on “White Privilege.”

I believe that Barack Hussein Obama honestly believes that the American system favors white people and he sees the free American capitalist system as a form of neo-colonialism. Obama wrote in “Dreams” that more needs to be done to free people from “the white man’s empire,” and that this is why he went to law school. He said he wanted “to learn things that would help me bring about real change.” Obama’s writings clearly reveal that he is more concerned with race-based economic and social justice (Marxist terms) and the redistribution of wealth in America, than he is with balancing the U.S. budget or helping Americans of all races and backgrounds succeed.

I believe that Barack Obama has been using the power of the presidency to settle old scores with the white man’s current greatest empire: America. Mr. Obama’s background and upbringing might give you a better understanding of where, politically, he is coming from. Understanding that the President’s major mentors throughout his life were anti-American radicals, anti-capitalists, anti-white politicians, convicted terrorists, Black liberation theology believers and an assortment of communists and Marxists, what chance did Barack Obama have to really learn to love America?

Because of the mentoring he received at the hands of these Marxists and communists, he does not see America as the land of the free and the home of the brave. He does not see it as the majority of Americans see it. He sees America as the bad guy in the world and his goal is to cut America down to size. Why do you think he spends more time attacking the Liberty and Freedoms of American citizens then he does in protecting the nation? Why do you think he repeatedly uses executive orders to circumvent the constitution? It is because Professor Derrick Bell and his other Marxist and Communist mentors told him that in order to change America, he would have to ignore the executive branch limitations imposed by the U.S. Constitution, limit the Second Amendment rights of the American people and bring the full force of the federal government down on anyone who disagrees with his policies. He operates the federal government much as a third-world dictator would, showing disdain, not love, for America and the American people.

Look at the following questions below and determine for yourself if Barack Obama loves America:

Does a President who continually goes to foreign countries and criticizes America, really love America?

Does a President who cries racism when he is criticized, really love America?

Does a President who continually pits racial groups against each other, really love America?

Does a President who always takes the side of a minority group member over white people in inter-racial incidents, really love America?

Does a President who rarely speaks lovingly of the USA or its people, really love America?

Does a President who never shows a deep appreciation and genuine respect for our history and customs, really love America?

Does a President who associated with and surrounded himself with Anti-American communists and Marxists for most of his life, really love America?

Does a President who goes to play golf minutes after learning that an American citizen has been beheaded by Muslim Terrorists, really love America?

Does a President who refuses to cooperate with congress on illegal corruption investigations in federal agencies, really love America?

Does a President who makes up a false story about an attack on our consulate in Libya and tries to cover up his failure to protect Americans on the ground by making up a false story, really love America?

Does a President who repeatedly lied to the American people about the true costs and scope of his nationalized health plan, really love America?

Does a President who wants to cut our military capability to pre-WWII levels to fight wars and defend this nation, really love America?

Does a President who refuses to secure our border to protect Americans from an invasion by millions of Illegal Aliens, really love America?

Does a President who releases tens of thousands of Illegal Alien career criminals back onto the streets of America thereby endangering the lives of American citizens, really love America?

Does a President who uses the Internal Revenue Service to punish his political enemies, really love America?

Does a president who has never felt the depth of our admiration for the U.S. military, really love America?

Does a president who really doesn’t understand what it means to be an American, really love America?

Does a President whose opinions were formed by those who wanted him to destroy this country’s traditions and national heritage, really love America.

Does a President who doesn’t want his fellow Americans to find out about his own personal history, really love America?

Does a President who repeatedly faults the achievements made by this country, really love America?

Does a President who regularly creates chaos for the sake of keeping group of citizens separated, envious and permanently in a state of victimhood, really love America?

Does a President who, by his own actions and words, encourages racial animosity in times of strife, really love America?

Does a President who, on almost a daily basis, defies our laws, tries to remove our rights, over-ride the constitution, and appoint Anti-American and anti-White radical Marxist appointees, really love America?

Does a President who uses scare tactics to harm and hurt the people and this country, really love America?

Does a President who bends over backwards for Radical Muslim Terrorist organizations like the Muslim Brotherhood and even invites them into the White House, really love America?

Does a President who takes advice from the likes of career racial-scam artist and Race-baiter Al Sharpton, really love America?

Does a President who refuses to identify Radical Islamic Terrorists as Radical Islamic Terrorists, really love America?

Does a President who calls a Muslim terrorist attack on a U.S. military base where the terrorist yelled “Allahu Akbar” ‘workplace violence,’ really love America?

Does a President who ignores Islamic Jihad throughout the world to concentrate on attacking Americans who disagree with him, including TV and newspaper reporters, really love America?

Does a President who continually releases the most dangerous Muslim Terrorists from Guantanamo Bay enabling them to return to the battlefield killing Americans, really love America?

Does a President who focuses more government attention on monitoring American citizens rather than foreign enemies, really love America?

Does a President who allows children to be kidnapped by hospitals and Child Protective Services personnel because the parents want a second opinion, really love America?

Does a President who routinely takes the side of the criminals over the police, really love America?

Does a President who places American citizens and organizations that stand for the U.S. Constitution on a federal terrorist watch list, really love America?

Does a President who believes in the federal government’s fascist-like intrusive control over every aspect of our lives from birth to death, really love America?

Does a President who repeatedly lies so much to the American people that he has earned the nickname ‘President Pinocchio’, really love America?

Does a President who shows favoritism towards illegal aliens over American citizens, really love America?

Does a President who compares Christian and American History to the current acts of the Islamic Terrorist organization ISIS, really love America?

Does a President who keeps the national press under his thumb with fear so they just repeat his propaganda as opposed to reporting the news, really love America?

Does a President who fails to live up to his Oath to protect and defend the Constitution, really love America?

Does a President who sends federal agents to seize a family farm for selling raw milk, really love America?

Does a President who, with help from his fellow travelers in congress, tries to pass legislation without it being read, really love America?

Does a President who issues an executive order to unconstitutionally give amnesty to up to 20 million illegal aliens, really love America?

Does a President who uses dictatorial executive orders to place unconstitutional and other illegal procedures in place against the will of the American people, really love America?

Does a President who uses his federal regulatory agencies to change laws that hurt his fellow Americans and that nobody wants, really love America?

Does a President who has doubled the national debt in just over six years, totaling more that all previous presidents combined, really love America?

Does a President who supports an Attorney General who was nothing more than a gun-running criminal trying to cause gun violence in America via a covert plan called ‘Fast and Furious’ designed to destroy the people’s Second Amendment rights, really love America?

Does a President who has federal agents arrest an Oregon rancher for collecting rainwater on his own land, really love America?

Does a President who encourages the implementation of the United Nations’ Agenda 21 program where Americans have been arrested for growing vegetables in their own front yards for violating “community guidelines,” really love America?

Does a President who stands with his hands folded during the playing of the national Anthem, really love America?

Does a President who repeatedly puts legal roadblocks in the way of America becoming energy independent, really love America?

Does a President who manipulates employment and unemployment figures to win an election and fool the American people, really love America?

Does a President who deliberately accepted unlawful campaign contributions from foreigners to become president, really love America?

Does a President who tries to undermine the integrity of the American election process by encouraging voter fraud in any number of ways, really love America?

Does a President who repeatedly plays the ‘race card’ when anyone disagrees with him, really love America?

Does a President who defends the IRS’ decision to let illegal aliens claim up to three years’ refunds on income even if they never paid income taxes nor filed their income tax returns, really love America?

Does a President who wrote in his book ‘Audacity of Hope’ “on page 261, “I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction,” really love America?

Rudy Giuliani was right. Barack Obama does not love America. I do not believe that he even likes America. Based on his own writings, Barack Hussein Obama is out to ‘right the imagined wrongs’ committed by America. As he, his communist and Marxist friends see it, America’s success was obtained through imperialist acts in the past committed by those with ‘white privilege.”

Barack Obama is also a statist. He believes that those in power, like himself at the present time, have the right to force their ideas on others through the brute force of government. With the passage of successive National Defense Authorization Acts during his term in office, he has given himself and certain government officials the power to arrest, incarcerate and hold indefinitely, without trial, American citizens, which is a clear violation of the U.S. Constitution and a threat to American citizens. We see the increased militarization of federal agencies, now with SWAT teams to enforce obscure agricultural and farming regulations. The ultimate goal, of course, is absolute control over the people of America.

When we, the American people dare to question Barack Obama’s motives, his history, his use of a dead man’s social security number and a forged Selective Service number, we are called conspiracy theorists or his supporters quickly play the race card and call us racists.

No, Barack Hussein Obama does not love America. He never learned to love this country as most of us were brought up to love it. I do not believe that he even likes America. It seems that almost everything he does as president is designed to hurt America as a country and to chip away at the constitutional rights of his fellow Americans. How someone like him, with all of his Communist-Marxist baggage, could become President of the United States is a true mystery. He is a president who chastises the Christian heritage of our country, yet consistently stands with the Muslim enemies of America ignoring their atrocities against humanity.

Barack Obama has become the epitome of the definition of the term, the ‘Enemy Within.’

I believe that Barack Obama is America’s first Anti-American President and hopefully he will be the last.

What do you think?

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