OathKeepers-AlertObama’s declaration of intent to rule by decree and grant “amnesty” to millions of illegal aliens is an impeachable offense, and Obama should be impeached and removed from office. This is a good test to see if the Republicans have the courage of their claimed convictions. If they don’t impeach him for this, then they will lose all credibility, and throw us into a TRUE constitutional crisis, because they will have failed to do their jobs, leaving the people with the necessity of pursuing “other options” to stop him.

And this is not about race. I am 1/4 Mexican, and come from a family of migrant farm workers in California, on my mother’s side. My mother and uncle grew up picking grapes, and even while I was in the Army my Grandparents still worked the fields. My Great Grandparents came here, legally, to have a better life, and they and their decedents worked hard to attain that better life (working their way out of the fields).

And others are welcome to come here and do the same, but they must do so legally, and Congress has ALREADY established the laws and rules for immigration, and until Congress changes those laws and rules, it is the duty of the President to execute them, not obstruct them, or attempt to rule by decree in direct violation of the law.
This is about the preservation of our Republic, and our republican form of government, which the Constitution mandates that the Federal government must guarantee to each state. And by violating the law of the land, and violating our right to a republican form of government, and by refusing to protect us from illegal invasion, Obama has violated his oath, grossly, and is unfit for office.

In his speech, Obama said:

And to those members of Congress who question my authority to make our immigration system work better or question the wisdom of me acting where Congress has failed, I have one answer: Pass a bill. I want to work with both parties to pass a more permanent legislative solution. And the day I sign that bill into law, the actions I take will no longer be necessary.

So, Obama’s message is much like an abusive wife-beater who tells his wife, while beating her, “this is your fault, bitch! I wouldn’t have to do this if you acted right, and if you want it to stop, YOU’D BETTER DO WHAT I WANT, OR I WILL CONTINUE TO BEAT YOU.”

Obama is telling Congress that Congress is his “bitch” to abuse as he sees fit, and they need to shape up and do what he wants. Pass the legislation he wants, or he will do what he wants anyway, by executive fiat decree, until Congress does pass the legislation he wants. So much for separation of powers. So much for the Constitution. So much for a Republican victory.

He will rule as if his party had won control of both houses of Congress and had actually passed legislation he likes. He will rule as if Congress doesn’t even exist. He will rule as if the Constitution doesn’t even exist, and as if he were an absolute and unrestrained dictator. He thinks that when he opens his mouth, “law” comes out. That is what a dictatorship is. Obama condemned just this kind of action by his predecessor, but now the “legal scholar” has conveniently forgotten what he knew about separation of powers and the clear enumerated powers of Congress, or the duties of a president.

To this impeachable high crime can be added the long list of other abuses and violations of his oath:

from “Fast and Furious” where the Obama Administration intentionally armed the cartels in Mexico;

to his assault on nearly every provision in the Bill of Rights, including the First, Second, Fourth, Fifth and Sixth Amendments (from “First Amendment Areas” at Bundy Ranch;

to considering a military strike on the supporters of the Bundy family;

to his targeted assassinations of U.S. citizens abroad and his claim that he can do the same here at home;

to his ongoing assault on the right to bear arms, etc.);

to Benghazi, where Obama sat back and watched as Americans were slaughtered after being deliberately denied assistance;

to cover up for Obama’s gun running to our enemies;

to his deliberate criminal endangerment of the lives of our people by refusing to stop travel to the US by persons from Ebola infected nations (and refusal to even mandate a 21 day quarantine before they can enter) – essentially playing “Russian roulette” with each flight carrying someone from an infected nation;

to his unconstitutional deployment of active duty and reserves to go to Africa to “fight” Ebola – where was there even Congressional authorization of any sort for him to do that, let alone a “declaration of war” on Ebola?

He leaves us vulnerable at home, with our borders wide open, and our skies wide open – and even goes out of his way to spread illegal immigrants, who have not been medically screened or quarantined, all over the nation, in secret locations (which has already lead to the death of American children from an enterovirus strain that first appeared in Central America and spread here after his actions) – while he sends our troops into harms way for his own political and “world citizen” Marxist ideological agenda.

Instead of sending the troops to Africa to expose them to Ebola, why doesn’t he place them on the border with Mexico and secure us from invasion by the violent cartels (who are taking over ranches and entire towns on the U.S. side, just as they have done on the Mexican side), and secure us from documented infiltration by ISIS terrorists who come across freely?

He has intentionally left us vulnerable to those invasions, and to that violence, and he does all in his power to limit, curtail, and suppress our own ability to defend ourselves, while tracking us and using unprecedented surveillance on us, in a clear indication that he considers We the People the future military enemy of he and his fellow oath-breakers (and in particular, us military veterans, who are targeted for disarmament through trumped up “determinations” by the very Veterans Administration that is supposed to help us, not disarm us).

And now he is intent on ruling by decree, again, to “make it legal” for millions of people who illegally entered this nation to remain here, in direct violation of law. And one obvious reason is that the Democratic Party is hoping that these new “voters” will be grateful and vote Democrat from now on, which is a further violation of our representative form of government.

If we don’t have rule of law that applies to the government, under the Constitution as the Supreme Law of the Land, then we have a dictatorship, and We the People are absolved of any obligation or obedience to such usurpers and oath-breakers.
Impeach him, and remove him, and if necessary, do the same for Biden, and on down the chain until we get someone who will defend the Constitution and execute the laws of the Union as they swore to do. Impeach him now.

If Congress does not do its duty, they will have failed to avoid a coming clash between those of us who will not be subjugated under a “King Obama” and the militarized police state Obama and his cronies fully intend to use against us.

Congress, do your duty, under your oaths. Defend the Constitution. Impeach Barack Obama.

Stewart Rhodes,
Founder and President of Oath Keepers

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  1. spot on thank you.

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