Back in June 12, 2014, the New York State Intelligence Center (a Fusion Center) issued a “Counter Terrorism Bulletin in which they identified the New York State Oath Keepers organization, as well as other Liberty, Pro-Constitution groups, as a far-right extremist group and/or a threat to law enforcement in New York State.

As a result of this politically motivated and unwarranted designation, the New York Oath Keepers sent correspondence to Governor Andrew Cuomo, the Superintendent of the New York State Police, and the Agent in Charge of the Albany office of the FBI clearly pointing out the New York State Intelligence Center’s faulty logic and misstatements of fact that were used to politically demonize the New York Oath Keeper organization whose clearly stated non-partisan mission is simply to encourage our Military and Law Enforcement Officers, and others, to honor their oaths to the United States and New York State Constitutions. 

In those letters, we requested that the officials at the NYSIC issue a public correction, indicating their error in classifying New York Oath Keepers as a far-right extremist group and/or a threat to law enforcement, or recall the bulletin. We also requested a meeting with Governor and NYSIC member organizations, so we could address any misinformation and misunderstandings about the New York Oath Keepers mission. We told them that it is our goal to see this extremely prejudicial “far-right extremist” label retracted and the necessary corrections made to the Bulletin.

The New York Oath Keepers told the Governor, the head of the NY State Police and the Albany Office of the FBI that our Oaths do not expire and we take these Oaths with the upmost seriousness. As officials who have also sworn similar Oaths, we reminded the three officials of their Oaths and just how important this issue is to us, as well as to thousands of other New Yorkers. We told them that is was our right as American citizens to have the opportunity to restore the New York Oath Keepers good name, which has been wrongly defamed by this seemingly arbitrary NYSIC conclusion, being the result of false information and unreasonable logic.

We have now received a reply from the New York State Police and a meeting has been scheduled between the executive staff of the New York Oath Keepers and the New York State Police and/or members assigned to the New York State Intelligence Center.  The meeting is to take place at Troop “G” headquarters of the New York State Police, 
760 Troy Schenectady Road Latham, NY 12110, this Friday, October 24th at 11:00 AM.
For the Republic,
John Wallace
Acting President
New York Oath Keepers

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  1. Extremist Group? Ridiculous. Such a designation could only be vomited from the brains of an extremist left wing think tank known as ALBANY.

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