In 1726, Jonathan Swift wrote “Gulliver’s Travels” which was a story of an English surgeon, named Lemuel Gulliver, who takes to the high seas when his business in England fails. Gulliver’s multiple adventures begin in a place called Lilliput when he awakens on a beach after a shipwreck only to find himself immobilized and tied down by thousands of tiny threads woven around him by the very tiny Lilliputians.

If Gulliver had been awake, he could easily have snapped these threads individually or in small numbers and the Lilliputians would never have succeeded in taking control of Gulliver and making him their prisoner. Those tiny threads were multiplied and woven hundreds and thousands of times by the Lilliputians while Gulliver was sleeping. By the time Gulliver finally did wake up, it was too late. He was totally incapacitated and unable to do anything. He was at the mercy of his new masters, the Lilliputians.

Just like Gulliver, many Americans appear to be either asleep or unaware of the growing danger of being incapacitated by America’s own version of the Lilliputians, who are nothing more than well financed traitors to this great country. In our case, the threads used to take our freedoms are restrictive laws, ‘green’ regulations, international agreements and treaties, private-public partnerships, presidential executive orders, unconstitutional court decisions, government grants with strings attached, too big to fail corporate bailouts, loan guarantees, etc.

Communism has been replaced in name only. The communists now call themselves liberals, progressives, globalists, neo-conservatives and some even openly admit to being socialists like the 70 plus member Socialist Caucus of Democrats in congress. Some are part of the so-called ‘green movement” where the Neo-Coms (the new communists) use junk science to predict a cataclysmic environmental crisis in order for the government to step in to control how and where you live in order to protect the environment. I call these environmental Neo-Coms the ‘watermelon people’ because they are green on the outside and communist red to the core on the inside. Do not underestimate the danger these Neo-Coms (new communists) pose to our way of life.

There is a worldwide network of Neo-Coms who are prominent business people, socialist billionaires, environmentalists, academics, media moguls and corrupt politicians who are very much like the Lilliputians in Gulliver’s Travels. They are the ones pushing the globalist agendas of Global Warming, Agenda 21 – Sustainable Development, Cap-and-Trade, social justice, never ending wars to bring peace, world-wide financial reform and protection of the planet Earth. These individuals and non-governmental organizations are extremely well financed by socialist billionaires, large international banks and corporations and their tax-free foundations. With almost unlimited funding, they pose more of a danger to the American people’s freedoms, liberty and sovereignty than any foreign enemy.

This growing network of individuals and non-governmental organizations (NGO’s) have been using our country’s membership in the United Nations and other international organizations to circumvent the US Constitution by gradually expanding the role and power of these international organizations in an effort to diminish our own sovereignty. Using international trade and climate agreements, presidential executive orders and an ever increasing number of ‘green’ regulations to reduce carbon emissions, our current president and the other globalist enemies within our own country have crippled our manufacturing base and energy industry. They push to give non-elected international organizations ever increasing powers over the American people at the expense of our country’s sovereignty.

More recently, these globalist Neo-Coms have been advocating for the consolidation of international finances and money creating powers into a new world-wide banking system that would concentrate power into the hands of a few private international bankers, kind of like a global Federal Reserve Bank. All of this is proposed for the benefit of all mankind, of course.

The individual “threads of change” that America’s own traitorous Lilliputians use against their fellow Americans are varied and if examined individually would not appear to pose to any big danger to our way of life in America. But added together, these individual “threads of change” (presidential executive orders, laws passed in the middle of the night with no one reading them, international agreements, ‘green’ regulations, carbon taxes, gun control legislation, etc) are placing American’s freedoms, liberty and sovereignty at risk. This is one reason that many Americans today feel that the American way of life is being attacked and challenged every single day from a hundred different directions and they are right.

Here are just a few of the “threads of change” currently being woven around America’s freedoms, liberties and sovereignty by these traitorous enemies within out own country:

a. Millions of dollars in “legal” special interest bribes to our politicians every year by lobbyists;
b. 20 million illegal aliens being allowed to remain in this country costing the American taxpayers hundreds of billions of dollars;
c. Election fraud through the use of new, easily hacked electronic voting machines without paper trails;
d. Downplaying of the importance of English as our official language;
e. Destroying our manufacturing jobs through unfair trade agreements like NAFTA and CAFTA that benefit large international corporations over American workers;
f. Growing influence of private, non-governmental organizations (NGO’s) like the Council on Foreign Relations and the Trilateral Commission on our government’s political leaders and policies;
g. Failed social engineering programs in housing, education, finance, employment, etc.
h. Expansion of underfunded entitlement programs including the new Obamacare fiasco;
i. Ever increasing taxation of the people at every level of government;
j. Frequent attacks on the Second Amendment guaranteed rights of American citizens from every level of government;
k. Creation of one financial crises after another that are designed to allow the federal government and the Federal Reserve to assume a larger role in controlling the economy even though the federal government’s own actions, policies and legislation caused the crises in the first place;
l. Federal government’s use of the threat of terrorism as an excuse to become more intrusive into our everyday lives and thereby place more and more limitations on our personal freedoms and liberties;
m. Increasing use of prescription drugs to alter the behavior of more and more Americans. For example: At the present time, there are 6 million children under the age of 18 in the USA who have been prescribed mind-altering psychotropic drugs like Ritalin;
n. Deliberate “Dumbing Down” of the American education system through revised teaching methods like ‘Common Core’ and the re-writing of textbooks to include politically correct, anti-capitalist, anti-white, anti-Founding Fathers, and globalist agendas that are “indoctrinating” our young people rather than educating them;
o. Deliberate and frequent attacks on mainstream organized religions (particularly Jewish and Christian) in favor of Islam.
p. Surrender of our government’s constitutional power to create money to a group of private international bankers (the Federal Reserve) who answer to no one and who are slowly and deliberately bankrupting this country through the use of “fiat’ money;
q. Manipulated and biased news stories from the mainstream media that are too often designed to support the political agendas of their owners, international bankers and corporations, special interest groups, or their favorite political office holders or candidates.
r. Politicization and manipulation of science by special interest groups for political gain through the use of legal and/or economic pressure to influence the findings of scientific research and then using their own media outlets to control the way it is disseminated, reported or interpreted. The Global Warming hoax is a prime example of this process;
s. The endless cycle of war that has occurred since America became a member of the United Nations. The UN charter has allowed our politicians to send American troops into combat on foreign soil without formal Declarations of War and against the will of the American people;
t. The step by step surrender of our nation’s sovereignty to an ever expanding and un-elected United Nations bureaucracy in order to promote the need for a “New World Order” and “One World Government” under the guise of fighting common global threats against all the people of the earth including the pollution of the oceans, the aids epidemic, third world poverty, terrorism and of course global warming;

Unfortunately, the previous list is only a small fraction of the thousands of “threads of change” that are being woven around and through American society today by America’s enemy within. Although this traitorous network of individuals and organizations is relatively small, they have an unlimited amount of money at their disposal to use to pursue their globalist agenda.

The long term plan of America’s neo-communist Lilliputians has been to use a small “step by step” progressive process, or a “thread by thread” change process that is designed to slowly but steadily advance their goals while at the same time going virtually unnoticed by the majority of Americans. Unfortunately, if these enemies within are successful in implementing their Communist Manifesto goals, America will be gradually converted from a sovereign nation into a subservient position in the New World Order run by non-elected, appointed bureaucrats selected by the neo-communist (neo-coms) billionaires, crooked politicians, special interest NGO’s and the international bankers.

The sheer numbers of these individual globalist “threads of change” that threaten America’s freedoms, liberty and sovereignty have been increasing dramatically in the last few decades. As these “threads of change” are very carefully woven deeper and deeper into the fabric of American society by the enemy within and are combined with other “threads of change,” they are steadily becoming stronger and shortly will be almost impossible to break.

If America fails to awaken soon to the danger that these traitorous American Lilliputians pose to this country, we too, like Lemuel Gulliver, will find ourselves totally incapacitated, without individual freedoms and liberty and unable to do anything about it. The grip of these international criminals and traitors must be broken and the threats against our liberties, freedoms and our nation’s sovereignty must be eliminated before it is too late.

If the weaving of the “threads of change” by the enemy within is ultimately successful, the US constitution will gradually be superseded by international laws, rules, regulations and the legal decisions of an International World Court.

If we do nothing and the traitorous Lilliputian neo-communists are successful in fully implementing their globalist agenda for America, we will all be destined to be poor, overtaxed, unarmed, bound by the chains and shackles of servitude and at the mercy of our new masters, the global elite.

But we have a choice!

In 1776, our Founders stood up, put their lives and fortunes on the line and declared their freedom and independence from the chains and shackles of the King of England. Americans must once again be willing to stand up and publicly declare their Freedom and Independence, not from the King of England, but from the chains and shackles of our own government and from those traitorous individuals and organizations who pull the strings of the politicians and the media like puppet masters from behind a curtain of secrecy, bribery and deception.

The fight for our freedoms and liberty must be intensified here and now. We must put aside those minor differences that have separated us in the past and unite as one strong political force to restore our Liberty now. We must educate our fellow citizens and recruit more freedom loving Americans into our ranks and grow our numbers by the millions.

The road ahead will not be easy and the traitorous enemies within our own country are very cunning, unscrupulous and have unlimited resources. But they are no match for an army of united and determined American citizens like us who are prepared to fight the hard battles that lie ahead, as our Founders did in 1776.

Let all true liberty groups and individual patriots in the country find a way to join together and coordinate their efforts in the next few years to continue the journey that will leave future generations of Americans a legacy of individual freedom and liberty, a first class education system, a clean environment, a strong and sovereign America with an honest, limited government that will offer unlimited opportunities for their future.

Let there be no doubt about the outcome of this fight because a strong-willed, united force of freedom loving American citizens will ultimately prevail against tyranny!

Feel free to leave a comment; all are welcome.

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