Why Oath Keepers?

Flag, Eagle

For the Republic.

It is no secret that we live in a dangerous world. Political instability seems to be the “new normal”, everywhere from the Mid-East to our very own government. Often times in the midst of extreme political disarray, a nation’s military will take over in the form of a military junta or dictatorship. We’ve seen this happen most recently in Egypt, but this is only the latest example. Just over the past century, it’s happened everywhere from Greece to Thailand to Brazil to Nigeria.

We have the most powerful military in the world. It is bar-none the best fighting force humanity has ever assembled. If our military leaders ever wanted to unseat our elected representatives and place themselves into positions of power, I have no doubt they could do so within a few short hours. What prevents them from doing this? The only thing standing between our Constitutional Republic and a military junta is the fidelity our troops maintain to their oaths to the Constitution. That is it.

Anyone paying the slightest bit of attention knows that our federal government, far from representing the will of the people, has no qualms about using its vast powers to bully citizens into submission. Consider the IRS harassing “Tea Partiers”; park rangers blocking access to open-air parks and memorials during the government shutdown; the NSA violating the 4th amendment of every single American; the Department of Justice giving guns to Mexican drug cartels in a bid to foment support for “gun control” legislation; the same DOJ authorizing drone strikes on Americans on American soil; and so on.

Acknowledging the abusive relationship our federal government has demonstrated toward US citizens, why would one believe that they would never use the military in a similarly hostile manner?

Add to this the fact that, as a culture, we have grown dangerously complacent about the Constitution and its intended constraints on governmental power. We barely raise an eyebrow when the government is caught red-handed flagrantly violating the Constitution, either because we are wholly ignorant of the Constitution itself, or simply too apathetic to care that our own government is breaking its contract with us.

The military is composed of [former] civilians and answers to civilian rule. What happens when this deadly mix of apathy and ignorance towards our Constitution permeates military culture or, worse yet, the culture of our political leaders who comprise the civilian command? Does this not erode the one thing that stands between a free people and a totalitarian government?

This is why Oath Keepers is so important. We are an organization of current and former military and law enforcement, as well as concerned citizens, who recognize the indispensability of the US Constitution and the dire consequences we could face as a nation should those who are sworn to support and defend it not take their oaths seriously. As Oath Keepers, we have all taken the oath to support and defend the Constitution of the United States of America, and we intended to honor that oath come hell or high water. If that means standing down to unconstitutional or unlawful orders from superiors, so be it.

In short, Oath Keepers’ mission is as simple as it is vital: to support currently serving military and law enforcement personnel in upholding the oaths they swore, and to remind them that their oaths never expire.

If you prefer liberty to tyranny, freedom to oppression, a constitutional republic to a banana republic, we ask that you join us in this most critical of causes.

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