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John Roberts

WSJ/Paul Moreno: A Short History of Congress’s Power to Tax

I’ll recommend this  article written by professor of history at Hillsdale College (home of the Constitution 101 series),  Paul Moreno. Below is an excerpt… And now, in 2012, Justice Roberts has confirmed that there are no limits to regulatory taxation as long as the revenue is deposited in the U.S. Treasury. Are there any other limits? […]


Damon Root: On the Conservative vs. Libertarian Take on the U.S. Constitution

Courtesy: Hat tip: As we inch closer to September’s 225th anniversary of the U.S. Constitution, Reason Magazine’s Senior Editor, Damon Root, describes the modern day battle developing around our nation’s law of the land: between conservatives and libertarians. Root explains the important differences between how these two groups look at the constitution, which […]

Southampton 4th of July Parade, 2012

Suffolk County 9/12 Project Wins Mayor’s Trophy at the Southampton 4th of July Parade

Courtesy:! July 4 2012. The Suffolk County 9-12 Project, marched in Southampton, NY to the delight of 30,000 spectators with a Constitutional theme, by carrying parchment like banners of the Bill of Rights and quotes from our founding fathers! The original theme, won SC-9-12 the top patriotic honor, “The Mayor’s Trophy”! Over 100 tea […]

Ten Orders We Will Not Obey

Reposted from: “The time is now near at hand which must probably determine, whether Americans are to be, Freemen, or Slaves; whether they are to have any property they can call their own; whether their Houses, and Farms, are to be pillaged and destroyed, and they consigned to a State of Wretchedness from which no […]